Global Student Innovation Challenge (gSIC 2023)

15th Global Student Innovation Challenge (gSIC 2023)

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What is Global Student Innovation Challenge (gSIC)?

The 15th Global Student Innovation Challenge (gSIC) is an annual event held at i-CREATe. It provides a platform to encourage students from all over the world to compete with one another in developing creative and innovative devices or solutions to improve the quality of living of elderly and people with disability, and to improve the quality of professional practice in rehabilitation. It showcases the extraordinary talents of these students while providing them the opportunity to work with clients and clinicians to develop these innovative ideas. There are 2 categories in this challenge.

Prof. Pairash Thajchayapong visiting gSIC projects
gSIC projects

There are 2 categories in this challenge

gSIC judges asking questions at gSIC oral presentation

Design Category

Students are expected to apply User-Centered Design process to produce a solution that ‘make life easier’ for its users or enhance the user experience (UX) or improves the quality of professional rehabilitation practice. The solution may or may not be technology based.

Technology Category

Students are expected to apply principles in Engineering and Information Technology to design and implement Assistive & Rehabilitation Technology solution to address the issues/problems faced by the needy, their caregivers and clinicians. The solution must have engineering or technological component(s).

gSIC participants in i-CREATe 2016
gSIC participants in i-CREATe 2015


There are 2 rounds of judging: oral presentation and prototype demonstration. A panel of international judges of different professional backgrounds will be invited to judge on the projects. All judges’ score based on the judging criteria will carry equal weight and decision of the winners need not to be unanimous.

Competition Requirements

This challenge is open to senior high school, post-secondary education, undergraduates and postgraduates of any discipline. These include Universities, Polytechnics, Institutes of Technical Education students, and Schools. Submissions are invited from all students at all stages of their academic studies mentioned above.

There is no limit to the number of teams that may compete from any given academic institution and collaborations between institutions are allowed. Each team consists of up to 5 members (students only). For the information of the registration fee per team and teachers / lecturers who accompany a team, please visit the website.

Entries submitted should not exceed two years of development. All participants must provide proof that they are students at the time of work for the challenge was conducted.

Successful teams must bring their prototypes for the presentation. Large prototypes that are not transportable will be taken into consideration during the judging. In case of this, the movie or such kind of visual material may assist your team.

Selected entries will be notified by emails and are required to register for i-CREATe 2023.

gSIC award ceremony
some of gSIC judges at gSIC oral presentation at i-CREATe 2016


The judges will select the top three teams as well as two teams that deserve merit in each category: Gold Award, Silver Award, Bronze Award, and two Merit awards. A trophy and certificate for all members

Best Presentation Award, Best Poster Award, Best Prototype Award (Technology) / Best Ergonomic Award (Design) in each category will be decided by the panel of judges based on the prototype part of the judging criteria. A trophy and certificate for all members.

Peers’ Choice Award is to be decided by the gSIC participants. Each team is allowed to cast one vote on the most deserving team entry but cannot vote for their team. The votes have to be casted at the end of the presentation session. A trophy and certificate for all members.

Public’s Choice Award is to be decided by the delegates attending the conference. Upon registering for the conference, each visitor will be given a voting sheet where they have to compete and drop into the voting box at the registration booth after visiting the gSIC booths. A trophy and certificate for all members.