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Sirindhorn Science Home

Sirindhorn Science Home

National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) understands the need to encourage children and young people to develop skills in science and technology to become the future driving force in improving the nation’s competitiveness. Considering this realization, NSTDA provides funding for studies and research to foster and groom young researchers to become prominent science and technology personnel.

In 2005, the Cabinet approved the establishment of a national permanent science camp within NSTDA with the main goal to serve as a unified learning center providing opportunities for Thai youth to acquire skills in science and technology. 

Built on a 1.65-hectare land plot found within the Thailand Science Park, construction was completed in June 2008. On 23 July 2008, NSTDA was graciously granted permission by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn to name the project the “Sirindhorn Science Home”.

“Sirindhorn Science Home or SSH” is a unified learning center aimed at encouraging young people to pursue skills and knowledge in science and technology. Sirindhorn Science Home now plays a vital role in encouraging more children and youth in Thailand to pursue higher education in science and technology. 

Lecture room at Sirindhorn Science Home
Activity at Sirindhorn Science Home

At the same time, the center provides a platform for young people with outstanding science and technology skills to continuously improve their talents in a proper manner until they become fully qualified scientists and researchers.

SSH encourages young children to learn science by giving them chances to explore training practices from real experiments based on their interests and provide a genuine mentoring system on which recognized scientists continuously give their support and consultation throughout the programs, including Science Camps, Science Project Management and Mini Research Programs.

Academic Facilities

  • SSH has set up research laboratories on plant tissue culture and molecular genetics to develop both research and hands-on experience to inspire children who are interested in agricultural biotechnology research.
  • A Science Exhibition at SSH encourages young children to learn how science was developed into specific technologies and to keep pace with progress in science and technology follows, a different theme each year.
Academic facility
Academic facility
Academic facility
Academic facility

Meeting Room Services

SSH offers various meeting rooms to both public and private institutes. Spacious meeting rooms, an auditorium and lecture rooms are available for events. In addition, regular meeting rooms are also available for small groups. 

Activity in meeting room
Activity in meeting room


For overnight activities, SSH provides accommodation for young participants and teachers accompanying their students with two types of lodgings; a ten-floor accommodation building and housing for senior visitors.

  • Ten-floor building: available for students and teachers. Rooms are available for up to 400 visitors.
  • Housing for senior visitors: available for teachers, mentors, researchers and scientists.
  • Five houses; three 2-story and two 1-story houses; a total of 16 rooms available. o All rooms are twin bedrooms (two twin beds), available for up to 32 visitors.
  • Each room in the house has a living room (guest room), a mini kitchen with microwave oven and a balcony in front.

Remarks: All accommodation have air conditioning and private bathrooms and toilettes.


SSH has indoor and outdoor sport facilities for our clients.

  • Indoor stadium: basketball, badminton, volleyball, etc.
  • Outdoor facilities: swimming pool (1.5 meters in depth), sauna*, aerobics, bicycle courses and a track field surrounding SSH. Remarks: *Sauna is for adults only.